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Author: Kristy


Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: 5AV Donor
Tag: 963

When you combine powerful muscle, length and rib shape with a very feminine front end, you end up with a heifer everyone loves. This is that female. It will be hard to part with this one, as we think the world of her. Check out the sweet front end on this heifer. She is so feminine and up-headed with a thin pretty neck that blends into an angular shoulder. From there back, this daughter of Man Among Boys is impressive. Add sound structure to a female like this and you have a super competitive show heifer with donor cow potential. Backed by our donor cow 5AV, we are confident after her show career, she will be the front pasture kind who could raise the next generation of great ones.

Sire: I-80
Dam: Smilin Bob
Tag: 276

This may be one of the best heifers in the bunch! Take a look at the balance of this female. She has a truly feminine front end with a angular shoulder and a neck that stretches up and out making her really attractive at first glance. Once you study this heifer from the shoulder back, you see powerful depth of rib, a thick, shapely top and a really nice hip. This is another future cow prospect with the pizzazz to show competitively. (Genetic Test pending, but by pedigree she should be TH and PH free.)

Sire: I-80
Tag: 371

Another hiefer calf sired by “I-80” is really nice! She is clean in her lines, sweet fronted yet has the depth, thickness and power that will make her hard to get around down the road. She hasn’t been on feed real long, so when you get her home she is the kind that just simply gets better every day after you own her. These sound structured, functional, clean make heifers are the ones that really come on and judges like. Let this really good heifer peak at the right time for you. A little hard work and time will be extremely rewarding if you get this calf bought.

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