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Author: Kristy


Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Char
Tag: 96

Why do we still have this set of calves, you ask? We want the WORLD to know, what kind of quality, depth, and service we have to offer to help you get in the WINNER circle! Might not have the BIG DOG name but that shouldn’t matter with this set of calves we are about to sell. WE already named this guy “BIG DOG” because he fits the description to a T! We think this calf is PERFECT on his wheels, his design is FLAWLESS, and FLUFFY like no other or will make an EXCEPTIONAL slick. BIG DOG is the ticket to put you at the backdrop with a Banner EVERY time. He is worth the miles to see this guy in person because there is a NEW Sheriff in town!

Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: Totally Tuned/ Cunia
Tag: 3

This KILLER Red and White Steer that will be hairy and slick like a DREAM! He will get your attention from EVERY angle! This great necked, monster topped, and huge hipped calf has all you need. We expect KILLER results with this one.

Sire: Solid Gold
Dam: Dr Hook
Tag: 68

This yellow calf is as correct on his feet and legs as you can make them, huge back and big hip. His neck and shoulders are impeccable for him to be packed full of muscle. Pour the feed to him and rack up banners.

Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Hairy Bear
Tag: 53

Red is HOT and this one is on FIRE! This green calf has all of the right pieces that will give you a red HOT winning streak down the road! He has the muscle pattern, soundness, and choke neck that will get you in the division drive. Pour the feed into him and you will NOT be disappointed! Make sure you study his video on the move because you can’t design a calf any better than this one! Red’s picture does NOT do him justice!

Sire: Good as Gold
Dam: Heatwave
Tag: 83

We want to make sure you are still paying attention with this calf! Little Dynamite is an exceptional slick shear that will not disappoint a bystander! We PROMISE you will REGRET not having Little Dynamite in your barn!

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