15 Reasons to Date a FarmGIRL

Author: Kristy


I keep seeing all these wonderful blogs about reasons to date a farmer and I absolutely love reading them! I love my farmer and love being reminded of all the simple things he brings to our relationship.

Then one day I got thinking and said to myself, “I’m a darn catch! Why isn’t anyone writing about how amazing farmGIRLS are to date/marry?”. So here I am. I’m going to give you 15 marvelous reasons to date a farmGIRL.

1.) We’re down to earth. We don’t get worked up about our shoes getting a scuff or our hair being out of place.

2.) We can be dirty. We’re not afraid to work alongside you and get right in the dirt. Our fathers didn’t give us the option of staying in the house to braid hair—we were right alongside him, getting just as dirty.

3.) We can also be clean. We aren’t afraid to look gorgeous. Just because we know how to drive a tractor doesn’t mean we don’t know how to do our hair and makeup. We still like to have nice things and look our very best. When we go out in public people don’t say, “That girl’s a farmer”. No, they say, “I could look that good if I tried”, because they’re jealous.

4.) We’re great cooks. Most of us had to cook alongside our mothers growing up. Being a farm girl doesn’t mean you’re always outside. We learned our grandmother’s recipes and we can cook for an ‘army’.

5.) We are caretakers. Taking care of our animals on our farms came naturally. We have a natural motherly instinct.

6.) Farmgirls are strong. We’re tough mentally and physically.

7.) We still need a man. We may be tough and aren’t afraid to get dirty, but we still need a man in our lives. We love to be taken care of and have someone to be proud of us.

8.) Farm girls have great taste. We’ve been trained on quality our whole lives—from our tractor, to our cattle, to our truck. We always have the best. So, if you’re dating/married a farm girl consider yourself a ‘catch’–we don’t settle for anything other than an outstanding man.

9.) We’re not shy. You may think this is a bad thing, but it’s not. We aren’t afraid to stand for what we believe and who we believe in. We stand for what we believe is right.

10.) We come from good families.

11.) We’re motivated. We strive for many things in life and continue to work towards every goal. (Even if that goal is just to get all the laundry done.)

12.) We’re someone to be proud of and not embarrassed to call ‘yours’.

13.) We can make any situation fun. When you grow up on a farm you learn not to take things so seriously all the time. We know how to loosen up and realize that life goes on.

14.) We’re organized. On the farm you knew where your tools were and you knew what shed all the tractors were in. We like to know where things go!

15.) We always know how to keep a smile on our face. Whether it’s a bad day on the farm or the loss of a loved one, we always keep our glass half full.


The farmer and myself! Not everyday is perfect, but we make every moment perfect!

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