2017 Lautner High Sellers

Author: Lautner Farms

Thank you to our valued customers.  We appreciate your continued use of Lautner sires.

Joe Lucas Cattle-Monopoly Bull- $50,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$45,500

Share the Brand Sale-Milkman sired, bred cow-$40,000
Brian Martin-Milkman/Bull(1/2 INTEREST)-$27,000
Luke James-Monopoly/Steer-$21,000

Share the Brand Sale-Heatwave sired, bred cow-$17,000
The Hunt at Shipwreck Cattle Co- Monopoly heifer- $17,000
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$16,500
Ryan Forman-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,50
Potts Show Cattle- Dakota Gold steer- $16,000
Matthew Shirley-MAB/Steer-$16,000
John Gevelinger-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Huff N Puff/Steer-$15,500
Cromwell Cattle Company-Solid Gold/Steer-$14,000
John Maples / Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$14,000
Joe Behrens-MAB/Steer-$14,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Dakota Gold/Steer-$14,000

Share the Brand-Uno Mas sired, bred cow-$13,900
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$13,610
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front  & Center/Steer-$13,500
Skinner Cattle Co-Trump/steer-$13,500

Potts Show Cattle-Unstoppable Heifer- $13,000
Coley Riley-MAB/Steer-$12,500

Share the Brand-MAB bred heifer-$ 12,200

Share the Brand-Milkman bred heifer-$12,000
Justin Schenk-Dakota Gold/Steer-$12,000
Adam Potts-Monopoly/Steer-$12,000
Luke James-MAB/Steer-$11,505
​Aces Wild Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,500
Colby Collins-Heat Wave/Steer-$11,000
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,500

Share the Brand – Bred female sired by Moonlight- $10,500
American Classic Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$10,500
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$10,500
American Classic Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,000
Otterstad Cattle Co & Wynn Show Cattle Online Steer & Heifer Sale/Solid Gold Steer – $10,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Huff N Puff/Steer-$10,000
DA Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$9,750
Justin Schenk-MAB/Steer-$9,500
Keeton Show Steers-Thriller/Steer-$9,001
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front & Center/Steer-$9,000
Justin Schenk-MAB/Steer-$8,750
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$8,750
Wayne & Jill Miller -MAB/Heifer-$8,500
Luke James-MAB/Steer-$8,500
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,500
Bart Herndon-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Matthew Shirley-Nun Better/Steer-$8,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Justin Schenk-Dakota Gold/Steer-$8,250
Wacey McDuffee-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,250
Adam Potts-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,250
Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
​Aces Wild Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,000
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,750
Colby Collins-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Joe Behrens-Battle Cry-$7,750
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Kenny Patin-Solid Gold/Heifer-$7,500
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$7,250
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$7,250
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-I-80/Steer-$7,001
Matthew Shirley-Solid Gold/Heifer-$7,000
Colby Collins-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
Wacey McDuffee-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Cromwell Cattle Company-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Chad Chaplin-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Drager Cattle Co-Dakota Gold/Steer-$7,000
American Classic Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,750
Curtis Wolff-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,750
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,750
Brian Martin-MAB/Steer-$6,500
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Steer-$6,500
Keegan Moonen-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front & Center/Steer-$6,250
Skoglund Cattle Company-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,250
DA Cattle-Moonlight/Steer-$6,250
Cromwell Cattle Company-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,250
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Heifer-$6,000
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Ryan Forman-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,000
Derek Dick-Moonlight/Steer-$6,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Smokin Hottie-$6,000
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$5,750
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,500
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,500
John Gevelinger-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Chad Chaplin-MAB/Steer-$5,350
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
David Bridges-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,084
Kenny Patin-Moonlight/Steer-$5,050
Brent Gentry / Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Matthew Shirley-Nun Better/Steer-$5,000
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,000
John Gevelinger-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Adam Potts-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Bill Elliot-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,000
Jared Boyert-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000

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