2018 High Sellers

Author: Lautner Farms

2018 High Sellers

FWSSR/Ben Bezner – MILKMAN Steer – $200,000
FWSSR/Austin Breeding -MONOPOLY Steer – $90,000
Tommy Glover – UNSTOPPABLE Steer – $84,000
Embryos on Snow – MERCEDES BENZ bull (1/2 Interest) – $75,000
Griswold Cattle Co. – Maternal sib to HILTON MAGIC – $29,000
1Eleven Cattle Co-SOLID GOLD steer-$16,000
Combined Forces-Pregnancy sired by MERCEDES BENZ-$15,000
Combined Forces-Bred Heifer sired by HUFF N PUFF-$14,000
Wade Rodgers-MONOPOLY Steer-$11,000
Wade Rodgers-MILKMAN Steer-$10,000
Blach and Unger – MAB Bred Heifer – $9,000
1Eleven Cattle Co-SOLID GOLD steer-$9,000
Blach Cattle Co-MAB Bred Heifer-$9,000
Tusa Show Cattle-MAB Bull-$8,750
LeClair Cattle Co.-MONOPOLY Steer-$7,750.00
Maples, Reeves, & Mills-MAB Steer-$7,500
1Eleven Cattle Co-MAB steer-$7,250
Scott Show Cattle – UNSTOPPABLE heifer – $7,000
Wade Rodgers-bred heifer-MAB-$7,000
Wade Rodgers-bred heifer-MAB-$6,250
1Eleven Cattle Co-MONOPOLY steer-$6,000
Coblenz-Pregnancy sired by MONOPOLY-$6,000
Tusa Show Cattle-MILMAN Bull-$5,750
Wade Rodgers-bred heifer-MONOPOLY-$5,500

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