23 Things Most Livestock Showman Have Done At Least Once- shared from Ranch HOuse Designs

Author: Kristy

f you’ve ever shown livestock of any species, chances are you have done these things at least once in your life!

1. Used some form of fitting product in your own hair. (For me personally, my product of choice was Mane and Tail shampoo in high school because supposedly it makes your hair grow faster. 

2. Sweat through your entire shirt (and possibly underwear), then stood in front of your cattle fans to help air out.

3. Wondered if you had enough time to make it to the restroom between classes.

4. Got pooped on.

5. Drank out of a water hose in desperation of summer heat. Probably sometime closely related to item #2. 

6. Cried when your favorite calf finished their last show. Last-time

7. Aimed the blower hose in your mouth just to see what happened.

8. Gotten soaked on a wash rack (intentionally or accidentally).

9. Snuck over to your biggest competitions aisle when no one was around to check out their stock.

10. “Borrowed” a flake of hay from your neighbor just to see if it might spark your calves appetite

11. Put a fake spider over the rafters and lowered it down on innocent spectators as they walked by. (Or used the $20 bill laying on the ground under a feed sack tied with fishing line trick)

12. Slept on your feed sacks.

13. Taken pictures of your friends sleeping at their stalls and post them on Facebook.


14. Pestered the show officials repeatedly about when the classes would be posted.

15. Lied to someone about the disposition of your animal. “Oh no, Suzy Q NEVER kicks when you scrub her back legs — WHAM!!”

16. Used feed buckets or water buckets for chairs.

17. Forgot your registration or health papers at home and had to ask grandma to urgently drive them to you at the show (or overnight mail them to you).

18. Ate junky carnival food. Hey who can resist fried Oreos or funnel cakes.

19. Used hay twine, electrical tape or bailing wire to rig up some broken piece of equipment.

20. Felt that combination of nerves and excitement the split second before you walk in the ring the first time for the day.Waiting

21. Written your calf’s birthday or weight in the back or bottom of your entry card so you don’t forget.

22. Had to think twice about if your comb goes in the left or right pocket. Then answered that by physically pretending like your showing an imaginary calf.

23. Forgot where you set your show stick down and had to scavenge around the barn / restrooms / makeup ring to try to find it.

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