26 Signs You Grew Up On A Farm

Author: Kristy

And you’re damn proud of it.

1. You learned to drive by the age of 13. Most likely in a truck.

2. You don’t know what it means to sleep in on the weekends.

3. You’re good at ignoring the angry honks when you’re driving a tractor down the road

4. You know that no gym will ever give you the same workout as lifting hay bales does.

5. If you’re a girl, your whole world would change depending on who the summer help was.

6. If you are a boy, your entire summer was spent in the fields. PRIME SEASON.

7. When it rains in the summer, you feel yourself start to panic.

8. You learned early on not to get too attached to the livestock.

9. You know that cow-tipping isn’t a thing that happens.



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