45 Ways To Praise a Livestock Kid in the Barn-BY RANCH HOUSE DESIGNS

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 Rachel Cutrer

When I was a senior in college at Texas A&M, I had the opportunity to intern at the Houston Livestock Show Steer Show. During that week, the other interns and I observed that one of the show superintendents made it his personal mission to speak to each and every exhibitor. Whether it was while they were lining up, or even walking out the gate, he stopped each child while they were in the ring, and he said “Great Job, Young Person!”

I should admit, at that time, it was kind of an inside joke amongst us four interns. One of those interns was my friend Brant Poe, and I remember in one class, there was this one exhibitor in particular who was a total stock show diva. I think she was fully expecting to walk in the ring and win Grand Champion Steer. I mean, she had it all. Great steer, a team of top notch fitters and feeders…she was ready for the win. I think she got 4th in class, and you could tell she was NOT happy. When the superintendent walked up to her, gave her a hug, and said “Great job young person!” me and Brant thought that girl was going to punch the guy. It was poor sportsmanship at it’s finest. (I have to admint I was kinda glad she got 4th after she acted so ugly).

But now, as a parent, I reflect on that great volunteer show superintendent, and the difference he made in those young people’s lives. His smile, kind words and pat on the back through the years probably impacted 25,000 “young persons” doing a great job at the Houston Livestock Show.
So, here is a list of 45 ways YOU can help praise a young person in the barn. You never know when your kind statement can make a big difference!


1. Great Job young person!

2. You’re doing such a good job.

3. You’re great with animals.

4. I can tell you are working so hard.

5. You’ve put so much effort into this project

6. That animal loves you, and I can see why.

7. You’re that heifer’s best friend.

8. He loves it when you brush his hair like that!

9. I know you’re tired. You’re hard work is really showing.

10. I’m so proud of you.

11. You’ve really seen the job through.

12. The barn is so clean!

13. Wow! You’re great with working hair!

14. That animal totally trusts you.

15. I can really see how much pride you have in your project.

16. What a nicely organized feed room.

17. You’re strong!

18. You’re caring!

19. You’re a natural showman!

20. You’re so dedicated to your project.

21. You have got great work ethic.

22. You’ve really handled this responsibility well.

23. You look so nice in your show clothes.

24. You’ve made so many friends at the show.

25. I can see how other kids look up to you at the shows.

26. I love our time in the barn together.

27. You’re so polite.

28. You’re such a good sport.

29. You were so courteous in the ring.

30. It’s clear how hard you’ve worked.

31. You really have a way with animals.

32. You keep the stalls so clean.

33. You fit that one perfect!

34. You showed that one perfect!

35. You’re the hardest working kid in the barn.

36. It’s easy to see how much work you’ve done at home to prepare.

37. I love going to shows with you!

38. Going to shows with you is the best part of my week!

39. My time in the barn with you is the best part of my day!

40. I’ll always treasure this moment.

41. You’re a super showman!

42. You’re a super fitter!

43. You did everything exactly right!

44. You’re so good with feeding.

45. That pig loves you.

Remember, all it takes is a few minutes to brighten some young showman’s day! Have any great words of praise to add? Tell us in the comments!

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Ranch House Designs CEO, Rachel Cutrer. 


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