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I am very fortunate to have grown up showing cattle and continue to be involved in the industry today. Reflecting back on my time as a junior heifer exhibitor reminded me that every show heifer has her own personality and boy, did some of mine have personality! The green shavings of the National Junior Angus Show always seemed to showcase them the most, good or bad! As I look back, every one of my heifers could fit into at least one of the following categories. Personally, I am thankful my first show heifer was “The Best Friend” and not “The Jock”…

diva1. THE DIVA

She stands in her backdrop pose after you take the halter off at night. The one who steps around the mud in the exercise lane to her pen, and refuses to get dirty eating, so 45 minutes after the others, she finishes her pan of feed. She stands still the entire hour you work hair on show morning, and after you finish, you swear she looks in the reflection of the trailer and says, “I look fabulous!”



performer2. THE PERFORMER

You work day in and day out at home with this heifer at home, yet she refuses to set up correctly at home. Take her to a show, walk out on the shavings and BOOM! – Perfect set up every time. She walks into it and doesn’t move at all with any chaos going on around her. She just knows that the spotlight is on and shining down on her.






Early morning. Walk to the show heifer lot. See gate open. Mumble choice words under your breath, but breathe a sigh of relief as all heifers are still in the lot. Two hours later, there she stands. Facing the back of her pen, halter still tied up to the front and calmly chewing her cud. Did she just give me an evil smile? Never again will you go without double securing every gate, halter and feed room door on the place.




Everyone wants at least one of these in their show career. A beauty, especially when she is fit to the max, she wins awards everywhere she goes. One show it might be just a class winning blue ribbon, but she is always in the running for the grand champion title.





troublemaker5. THE TROUBLEMAKER

“Put her feed pan in on the left side.” “Watch out blowing her belly on the right side.” “Stand off to the side when combing out her tail.” All common warnings issued when working on her. Because a kick to the air around you feels a lot better than a kick to the shin.





jock6. THE JOCK

You’re really great on the move. I get it. But did you have to prove that by high tailing it across the show ring at junior nationals? Or on the way to tie outs last night? But you know – I’m becoming quite the gymnast with all of the flips and tumbles and short bursts of running you have me doing…





best-friend7. THE BEST FRIEND

She’s a listening ear for all your troubles. She knows just when to lean her head into your shoulder. She walks right up on the trailer come show weekends, ready to spend the next couple of days with you at a show. She knows that some days you need your space and others, she needs to just stand by your side after turn out and admire the world around you.

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