A brief run down of LF news May 2019

Author: Lautner Farms

  • Monopoly continues to dominate the industry with winners & high sellers.
  • Thunder, one of the BEST sires he has had on lease from Lautner Farms.  Korky Wise & Larry  Anderson approve of THUNDER.
  • Garrett Kalvig jumps on board the Lautner Farms team.  Garrett is carrying Lautner Farms semen give him a call 319-504-9020.
  • I-80 still making his mark on the Maine-Anjou Breed.  Still the #1 sire for calving ease.
  • Trust in Me calf reports are outstanding!  Order your TIM semen today! 800.515.3284
  • Todd Caldwell “Clean and Dry”  American Royal Champion sired by Heatwave was one of Caldwells favorite steers to ever work on and show.  Listen to him on Spotify Stock Talk.
  • U.S. Corn Farmers have the most corn acres left to plant on this date than they have ever had.
  • Dakota Gold the obvious proven choice for carrier and non-carrier cows.  
  • Farm Visits were under way in South Dakota, by Dax Lautner!
  • Red Rocky Clones are the hottest Red sire of all times!  Semen demand is high so be sure to order your semen today! 800.515.3284
  • Honest Abe is siring them stout,  will be making champions even in the slick sheer shows!
  • Use 805 Free on your carrier cows!  805 Free has plenty of hair, bone, & style!
  • Front & Center is the leading sire of 2019!  He is working great on carrier & non-carrier cows.  Korky wise Flushed 9 out of 14 Cows to FRONT & CENTER.  
  • Be sure to check out the New for 2019 bull videos in our 2019 sire directory by scanning the QR code.  
  • 2019 Spring Intern Mattea Schockling joins us at Lautner Farms from Caldwell, OH.
  • Be sure to check out the 2020 NWSS Livestock Scedule Online.
  • On May 13th there was 86 days until the Iowa state fair!
  • 2019 American Royal judges were posted.
  • Happy Mothers Day!
  • Huff N Puff is now registered as 4.99% Chi #395865
  • Semen Available on Simply Safe, new sire for 2019, Daddys Money x Man Among Boys.  TH PHA & DS FREE.
  • Monopoly 7, also being refered to as M7, semen being collected at Nichols is only avialable through Lautner Farms.
  • Embryonic loss is the greatest economic loss in the beef cow/calf industry.  May 9th we posted a link to further educate you on this topic.
  • We can’t say this enough but FRONT & CENTER is the sire to use!  Floyd Cattle sold a Front & Center sired steer for $17,000.
  • New to Lautner Farms bull battery:  Maternal Made 2 : Full Brother to Maternal Made sired by Mercedes Benz and out of NMR 0/04x (Irish Whiskey) dam.  
  • Also many calves sired by Lautner Farms sires sold across the online auction sites.  Be sure to check out or High Sellers Tab!
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