A Closer Look at Pepsi’s Super Bowl Surprise in Milligan, Nebraska!

Author: Kristy

Now that the secret has long since come out about Pepsi’s surprise concert in tiny Milligan, NE, we can share with you much more information about the caper they pulled off. As you’ll recall, this whole sneaky event was launched to create hype for Super Bowl XLVIII’s halftime show, which will be a star-studded, Pepsi-sponsored affair.

Pepsi’s PR machine snuck into Milligan (a town they selected for this event based on its geography – Milligan is just about as dead center of America as you can get) quietly. The first signs that anything was afoot were a series of vending machines that popped up on back roads and sidewalks. These were no ordinary vending machines, mind you: they distributed free Pepsi!


In the video we are sharing, you’ll see a number of townsfolk getting their free sodas (check out the guy at 1:18, by the way! We would NOT like to run across him in a dark alley) and being interviewed about their town. Most residents say the same basic things about Milligan (population around 312), that essentially nothing much happens. But they are all clearly growing excited as first the Pepsi vending machines appear, followed by banners, and then by the arrival of a fleet of Pepsi trucks and a marching band!

To top off the building excitement, Pepsi hosted a concert featuring country music star Lee Brice. The event drew in people from miles around, and was filmed to create advertising for Pepsi products and for its Super Bowl halftime show. Sure, of course we all know this whole event was just about marketing, but what a fun way to go about it.

The residents of Milligan, Nebraska sure seemed to enjoy everything Pepsi did for them, and it certainly put their town on the map. Even if only for few weeks out of this young year, millions of eyes were turned to tiny Milligan.

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