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Author: Kristy

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is to be able to get up at 5:00 a.m. to go bottle-feed a twin calf that is waiting for you at the front gate?  Or how awesome it is to be able to walk hogs in the summer with a picture perfect sunset? Or even, how breath-taking the dew of the morning is running lambs at 4:00 am just before you put the show steers in the barn for the day?

Now that you are thinking about those questions here is one more for you. How in the world did you get blessed to get to be a part of this lifestyle we like to call the stock show life? A simple answer really, and often over looked: your family. Whether it be your parents, your aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, neighbors or whoever else; the shared passion for the industry they passed on to you makes them your support team/stock show family.

Thank you. These two words can mean the world to your team that started you in the livestock industry. You have been given the opportunity to know more than how to play an x-box like the rest of the varsity baseball team, as my younger brother found out. But rather, you have the world at your fingertips. Thank them for that.

‘The world at your finger tips’ seems like a pretty large order to fill. The phrase really sums up what you, as a stock show kid, should be thankful for. The ability to effectively talk to a complete stranger and to give a firm handshake while looking someone straight in the eyes are qualities that are rare in today’s society. Thank your stock show family for that. A work ethic and being able to be pushed to your limits and still succeeding will get you farther in the workforce than you will ever imagine. Again, thank your stock show family for that.

Above all you get to have a close-knit network of people who share the same passion and drive as you. Believe it or not, not everyone in this world has that luxury of having an amazing network of friends from California to the Carolina’s and Wisconsin to Texas.  Those connections your stock show family has given you, will indeed brand you for success wherever you go in life. Thank your stock show family for that. READ MORE

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