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Hitting Rock Bottom & Choosing to Get Back Up

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Rock Bottom


       In the early morning hours of April 28, 2014 my world stopped. Around 4:07 AM it was confirmed that my husband’s missing airplane had struck a wind turbine just 10 miles from his destination. Around 4:23 AM I was told what I already knew. My husband of just 6 weeks had not survived along with the 3 other souls on board. I don’t think I even cried. Shock took over my mind & body. And the rest of the week is much of a blur………

But let me rewind so I can fill you in on our story. I can’t do that in this crazy thing called life (unfortunately), but I surely can do it on

February 28, 2014… I FINALLY completed graduate school and was officially done having a long distance relationship with my fiancé! We were ecstatic to have survived my long haul of 30 months in CRNA school and had just one week to finish up last minute details before we were Mexico-bound for our wedding. We were so happy, relieved, and just plain excited that it was finally almost here!

March 12, 2014… Our wedding day was our perfect start to forever. We were surrounded by 68 of our family & friends saying, “I do” on a beach in Mexico as the sun began its decent. There was not one thing we would have changed about our day. To us, our dreams had come true.

March 29, 2014… This is actually our legal wedding date & another Fischer celebration! For those of you who know us, we like to party J Our wedding reception was, again, everything we hoped- great company, amazing food, and an awesome band{Goodroad}! We had a blast celebrating our love with everyone who could attend!

April 2014… The month of April for me consisted of studying as I was preparing for my national boards. DJ spent long days at the airport getting his beloved 802 ready for the 2014 spray season. He was so excited to get in his spray plane and do what he loved!  We had lunch together everyday and supper together nearly every night. We enjoyed each other’s company and began to settle into married life. Despite studying, it was awesome. The weekend of April 25, 2014 approached and he decided to fly to Texas with a couple of guys from around the area to attend a cattle sale. He knew I had one final weekend of studying to push through so he thought he would get out of the house. From the moment he told me about the plan, I had a bad feeling. But that was normal. When you’re married (or even dating) to a pilot, a cropduster nonetheless, you have lots of bad feelings. And so far, none of those bad feelings resulted in anything bad. So I did what I usually did…. Made him promise to check in with me, let me know the minute he was on the ground, watch the weather, etc… {Side note: it’s funny how you become a meteorologist when you’re married to a pilot} DJ, Brent, Nick, and Logan all arrived in windy Texas without any issues on Saturday morning. Off to the cattle sale they went….




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