Are You Ready for Calving?

Author: Kristy

DECEMBER 27, 2013

cow with calf
Getting yourself ready for calving season starts with evaluating calving area.


Source: University of Nebraska Extension

It is already time to start thinking about and planning for calving season. Planning ahead and being prepared can help increase the chances of success. You can begin by asking yourself two simple questions. Are my cows ready for calving? Am I ready for calving?


Ideally, we would like our cows to give birth to healthy, vigorous calves with little calving difficulty and successfully re-breed. A major factor to this happening is the nutritional status of the cows at calving. Calving takes work and cows that are undernourished have a greater chance of problems such as prolonged calving, increased calving difficulty, weak calves, colostrum issues and prolapses. Evaluating nutritional status of your cows using body condition scores (BCS) 60 to 80 days prior to calving season provides a means to offset these problems. Cows with a BCS 5 and heifers with a BCS 6 on a 1 to 9 scale at calving are much less likely to suffer these problems and have a much greater chance of re-breeding. For more information on BCS scoring please see Body Condition Scoring Your Beef Cow Herd.


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