As the first major cold front of the season disperses across the country, let’s BUST ANOTHER MYTH about how America’s farmers and ranchers care for their cattle!

Author: Kristy

MYTH: Farmers and ranchers leave their cattle to fend for themselves in frigid winter conditions.


In fact, farmers and ranchers take important steps to ensure the best care possible for their livestock in winter, as in every season. Here are a few examples:
— INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF FEED for cattle to boost their metabolism and help produce body heat.
— Bring as many cattle as possible into barns and provide lots of DRY BEDDING.
— SET UP WIND BREAKS — fences, bales of hay, etc… — in pastures so cattle can escape frosty gusts.
— INSTALL WATER-TANK HEATERS to keep fresh water available, and unfrozen, at all times, or break through the ice multiple times per day to keep ice off of water sources.
— MOVE CATTLE to warmer pastures for winter, where possible.

NATURE HELPS, TOO: Cattle huddle together to conserve heat and insulate the herd and they develop winter coats to help fend off the cold.

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