going on today-Atteberry Show Cattle Fall Born Sale Cattle located at Tishomingo, OK FROM Chad Atteberry

Author: Kristy


Sire: Goldrush
Dam: Heatwave Grandaughter
D.O.B.: aug
Tag: 19

This is one big boned big hipped steer. I think you can see that this calf has a lot of upside, he is stout at the ground and carries that mass all the way up into his top. On the profile he balances and is really fun to look at. Don’t be afraid to try this one, if you see the cow you will understand.

Sire: Southern Comfort
Dam: Maine Man
D.O.B.: Aug
Tag: 29

This calf is one that everybody looking for a big rib cage and big square hip finds in the pasture. This calf is really stout and has the hip and hind leg everyone is looking for. He is soft in his pasterns and moves real good. He looks like he will be an easy feeder. Simply put I think this steer has a bright future.

Sire: Moneyball
Dam: Cowtown
D.O.B.: sep.
Tag: 32

This one as you can tell is wooly and has been that way from the word go. This calf is good profiling and has plenty of expression in his hip and turn to his stifle. This mating should be really good, there is plenty of muscle and hair to get this calf to whatever end point you desire. I think this steer will keep getting better and better.

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