Barn Crud Battle- FROM DRIVE

Author: Kristy

Our DRIVE crew managed to stay well after two weeks spent in San Antonio! Read up on their tips for winning the barn crud battle!

When we started off on our trek to the San Antonio Livestock Show we all thought, “There’s no doubt about it… It’s almost a given that someone in our DRIVE family will get sick during the spring show season.” The odds were stacked against us on the barnyard battlefield, and we decided to put up a fight! Miraculously nobody got sick, even after two weeks in the barns in San Antonio! Below are some tips and tricks we used and will continue to practice to keep healthy while traveling to all of the stock show’s this spring.



The easiest way we found to take AirBorne was to get the chewable kind that you just pop in your mouth and go. There’s no worrying about having something to mix it with and they even taste alright too! These little guys are jam packed with tons of vitamin C and other supplements formulated to strengthen your immune system.


Another easy to use supplement is the powerful EmergenC. EmergenC is most commonly found in powdered form that you can mix with orange juice or water. The easiest way that we have found was to mix it up with the last quarter of the water bottle that we were drinking out of. Some people really like the taste and others don’t. A way to get around that is to use less water so there is less of it to take.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s always tempting to drink coke’s that are convieniently in all of our coolers, but water is by far the best choice. Drinking lots of water not only keeps you hydrated it also helps to balance fluid levels in your body keeping you healthier. Most mornings we invested in one of the really large bottles of water to keep us going through out the day so that we didn’t run out.

Blow Your Nose!

Yes, we know it’s yucky, but it’s also very good to blow your nose and get rid of some of the dust and allergens that can collect in your nostrils.

Healthy Diet

Stock show food is notorious for being very unhealthy. Usually it’s fried or loaded up with cheese. Stick to foods that are high in protein and listen to mom and don’t forget you veggies. Also, lean towards baked or grilled dishes that will naturally tend to be lower in unnecessary fat. We know it’s not easy but every small  effort helps!

Get enough sleep

With nerves high and everyone trying to be as prepared as possible it’s easy to stay late in the barn and get a miniscule amount of sleep. Sleep allows the body to recharge and recover from all of the hard work we have done. Make sure that you are getting a good amount of sleep so that your are rested and so that your body can fight off those irritating allergens and bacteria that make us sick.


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