Cargill shares licensed cattle genomic technology

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Brett Wessler, Staff Writer  |  Updated: 01/13/2014

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Cargill, Inc. has entered a license agreement to share extensive cattle genomic analytic and bioinformatic knowledge to improve meat and milk production.

Monday’s announcement shares licensed technology from Cargill and Branhaven LLC with Neogen Corporation. The licensed patents share the technology, known as BeefGen, which identifies key genomic tools to improve both meat and milk production.

According to a release, Neogen, through its GeneSeek subsidiary, will use the licensed technology as it continues to work with cattle seed stock breeders, cow/calf operators, feedlot operators, and dairy producers to improve their herds through genetic-based scientific data that will be used for selection of future animal generations.

“This agreement allows Neogen unencumbered access to extensive cattle genomic analytic and bioinformatic knowledge amassed by Cargill researchers and their partners,” said Dr. Jason Lilly, Neogen’s vice president of corporate development. “This access to the intellectual property developed by one of the world’s largest protein producers through years of research should significantly add to our efforts to continue providing the most useful and innovative animal genomic tools for worldwide cattle producers.”

The genetic tools assist in indentifying genetically superior animals for breeding purposes. Additionally, tools mark the beef cattle best suited to optimize weight gain, tenderness, carcass quality, and meat yields that are critical in the maximization of value of each animal harvested.

Dairy producers use the licensed technology to improve milk production and quality.

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