Cattle found dead in Oklahoma

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By Laura Fagen

Neighbors concerned about dead cattle at Mayes County ranch –


  • Dying cows leave neighbors concerned.
  • The bodies were left to rot in the hot sun.
  • Some were found in a pond.
  • Neighbors are concerned the bodies will pollute their land, drinking water

Cows are dying in Mayes County and neighbors are concerned that the bodies are left to rot in the hot sun.

FOX23 crews spotted at least five dead and rotting cattle at Cherry Ranch Sunday. Neighbor, Rick Beeler, said this type of thing has been going on for a while.

“They have numerous cattle die every day and they die in the pond where the cattle are drinking water,” Beeler said.

His family lives next door and he’s worried how all of the bodies will affect their health.

“That water is coming into our land and polluting our land where our cattle are. It’s disgusting. Some days you can’t even come outside,” Beeler said.

He said he’s contacted the owner of the ranch but nothing has been done about the problem. FOX23 contacted the owner and was told the cows are part of a sick pen and the ones that are dead are due to the heat.

Beeler said the problem has been going on too long for the heat to be a factor. He’s also worried about the health of the remaining cows.

“The live ones are over there drinking the water where the dead cattle are,” Beeler said.

FOX23 contact the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office and a deputy was sent to investigate. We’ll provide more updates once they are available.

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