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Author: Kristy


Sire: Lovin 620
Dam: Polar Bear (Heat Wave x 419)
Tag: 62

Mother is a full sib to the Grand Steer at Fort Worth in 2012. This silver calf is complete, dense, and balanced. All his feet point forward. When we washed him, he was overly impressive in the wash rack and will make an outstanding slick shear steer for an earlier show.

Sire: Solid Gold
Dam: Beat The Heat
D.O.B.: April
Tag: 712

This yellow calf has the best set of feet and legs that you will find. He also is the color that everyone is searching for. Extremely good haired for a colored calf. He is comfortable on the move, and holds his head high while he walks. When you go watch a fat steer show, it is hard to find one that still walks good. This one should walk good as a fat steer.

Sire: MAB
Dam: Angus
D.O.B.: June
Tag: 323

I really like this steer. He covers a lot of the basics that good cattle should . His declaws are down, he walks wide and square from behind, has a groove down his back, great rib shape (not a saggy belly but really good rib shape.) This calf has an Angus mother. He does not have scurs, bumps or swirls. He has a smooth round head. He has wrinkles in his forehead. We also took additional pictures of just his head for those who are interested. Please contact us and we will send them to you. I can email them to You.

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