Check out the I-80 selling today from Holtkamp/Minnaert

Author: Lautner Farms

Holtkamp Online Sale today on CW
Take a look out this neat made I-80 female and a powerful I-80 steer.
I-80 is working on great for both heifers and steers!


Lot 9: I-80 Heifer  |  Maintainer
What a neat made choke necked belly dragger right here. I80 has done a great job of siring females and this one is all female. Having that 1/4 shot of Simmental in that pedigree takes the guess work out on wondering if she’ll make a cow or not she defiantly will make one. Study her video call and ask about her she’s worth your consideration.
Jason Minnaert: (309) 489-6024

Lot 11: I-80 Steer
Chad (319) 850-1563 or Dacota (319) 850-0758

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