click here Oto Iowa Man Says New Vehicle Could Be A Life-Changer

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(ABC9 News) – Keith Kuhlman suffers from multiple sclerosis. Since he’s not able to walk, he relies on a wheelchair.  He also relies on a pick up truck that’s especially equipped to hold the wheelchair when he drives. Now his health is getting worse, leading to other problems.

I noticed this summer the hardest is just getting from the back of the pick up to the cab is getting tougher and tougher,” said Keith Kuhlman, diagnosed with MS. It’s also hard for him to do normal routines. “Getting to the grocery store, getting back to the chair, unloading it,” said Kuhlman.

After researching other options for transportation, Kuhlman came to one conclusion, a wheelchair accessible van could solve his problems.   “I can basically drop the door down with the chairlift and stay right in the chair,” said Kuhlman.

The problem is he needs help financing a a wheelchair van, so he started this Go Fund Me page to help him raise ten-thousand dollars, and in just a short amount of time, he’s already gotten two thousand.  It’s ten-thousand dollars that’ll not only get him a new ride, but a chance to enjoy the smaller things in life.

“I’d like to stop and go and see people,” said Kuhlman

To make a donation for Keith click on this link:

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