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Lot 1- Heat Wave x Maine- Steer
This steer that starts things off has it all. He is nice footed, big boned, and has a poster board look with those big hairy ears. We all know that Heat Wave cattle feed well and this one will be in the hunt come state fair time. CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO
1 (1)-DAx

Lot 3-Uno Mas x Shorthorn– Steer
You have to love the style and power here. This Uno Mas will be the stoutest, most complete App. Shorthorn steer you will find. He has a B-O-O-T-Y that will blow you away and tons of mass, not to mention he can get out and walk like a cat. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 4- I-80 x WMW- Steer
This goose necked steer is a good one! He has got amazing hair to burn and that style that looks amazing in the show ring!! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 10- Smoke a Little Smoke x Ace In The Hole-Steer
This guy is KC, Louisville size. He is stout made, sound, cool fronted, and an easy feeder!!! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 11- Unstoppable x Dr. Hook- Steer
This is an easy feeding steer with a big top, and great hair. Roll the coal to this one and you will not be disappointed! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 13- Monopoly x Char/Angus- Steer
Wow. Big red is full of power and yet can move like a cat. He will always look naturally full, he has got that fat steer look and awesome hair. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 15- Monopoly x Mossy Oak- Heifer
I really like this heifer, she has all the parts to get that purple and gold banner. She is nice necked, good shouldered, and big bellied. You need to see her in person to really appreciate this female. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 16- I-80 x S.O.S.-Heifer
I-80 has taken the club calf world by storm. If you are looking for a Mainetainer then you are going to want to look at this one. Power for the donor pen in the end and yet the look for the show ring now. She’s got it all going on! With her awesome hair, deep belly, I-80 neck, and all of that bone- what more do you need? CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 17- Monopoly x Peerless- Heifer
I especially like this one for a market heifer, she has a ton of capacity and volume. She has all the power and body yet very attractive and sound. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 21- Milk Man x Bojo’s Mother- Heifer
When you analyze this heifer one word comes to mind, POWER. She has a surplus of rib shape and dimension down her top through her hip. The sheer amount of center body and capacity this female presents is awe-inspiring. She brings a unique package of width and dimension, as well as soundness. She gets out there and sits down soft on all fours and tracks out with a long, uniform stride. Her show ring look isn’t the only thing people are drooling about, her genetic background is a powerhouse as well! Being a maternal sister to the ever so popular Bojo bull is just an added bonus to an already well-rounded resume’ on this promising young heifer!! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 26- Colonel x Irish Whiskey– Heifer
This is one broody female that I would love to keep in my cowherd. She is very toned and good bodied with tremendous cow power. She is out of Donnie Begalka’s well known Irish Whiskey donor cow. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 27- Unstoppable x Mojo/DeBull/Meyer- Heifer
Oh my goodness this heifer is a head turner!! She’s got it all- power, femininity, balance, and soundness. The amount of eye appeal this heifer gives you all the way around is down right awesome!! She’s level down her top and through her hip, and is so long and cocky throughout her neck. She’s square out of her hip and the amount of bone this heifer presents is humbling to anyone. This one, no doubt, will run with the top ladies all year long!! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

Lot 29- Man Among Boys x Paddy O’Malley/Double Vision-Heifer
This blue roan cross heifer is flat made, smooth shouldered, with tons of shag. She has a ton of power yet very feminine in her make up. If your looking for color look no further!! CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

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