Defining a Breeding Season is Crucial for Beef Herds

Author: Kristy

MARCH 11, 2014

Chain Ranch Cow Calves Snow
A defined breeding/calving season results in a more uniformed calf crop and more management options for both large and small herds.

By: Mark Mauldin, University of Florida Extension

There is a long and ever growing list of management strategies that have the potential to make cow calf operations more profitable. Many of these strategies relate in some way to more efficiently meeting the nutritional needs of the herd, the number one cost associated with maintaining a cow herd, or more effectively marketing the calf crop produced. Improvement in either of these areas has the potential to move an operations bottom line in a positive direction. That said, it is nearly impossible to make significant progress in either of these areas without first establishing a defined breeding season and in turn a defined calving season. READ MORE

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