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Selection Sunday Results: Kentucky, Villanova, Duke, Wisconsin the No. 1s

Here is a look at the results from Sunday’s Selection Show for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

Midwest Region

1 Kentucky vs. 16 Manhattan/Hampton
8 Cincinnati vs. 9 Purdue
5 West Virginia vs. 12 Buffalo
4 Maryland vs. 13 Valparaiso
6 Butler vs. 11 Texas
3 Notre Dame vs. 14 Northeastern
7 Wichita State vs. 10 Indiana
2 Kansas vs. 15 New Mexico State

Instant analysis: The No. 2 in Kentucky’s region was always going to be a loser. Sorry Kansas. … Indiana has to be happy to get in, but they have a tough road ahead with Wichita State in front of them and Kansas up next. … No. 3 feels a little low for Notre Dame. … The selection committee didn’t do Kentucky any favors. The Midwest appears to be the toughest region.

East Region

1 Villanova vs. 16 Lafayette
8 NC State vs. 9 LSU
5 Northern Iowa vs. 12 Wyoming
4 Louisville vs. 13 UC Irvine
6 Providence vs. 11 Boise State/Dayton
3 Oklahoma vs. 14 Albany
7 Michigan State vs. 10 Georgia
2 Virginia vs. 15 Belmont

Instant analysis: Northern Iowa with a bit of a tough draw, though a potential round of 32 matchup with Louisville would be fun to watch. … Virginia can’t be happy to see themselves inserted as a No. 2 seed, though joining Oklahoma and Villanova would have to be considered favorable, considering the alternative. … Dayton will have home court advantage in the First Four.

South Region

1 Duke vs. 16 North Florida/Robert Morris
8 San Diego State vs. 9 St. John’s
5 Utah vs. 12 Stephen F. Austin
4 Georgetown vs. 13 Eastern Washington
6 SMU vs. 11 UCLA
3 Iowa State vs. 14 UAB
7 Iowa vs. 10 Davidson
2 Gonzaga vs. 15 North Dakota State

Instant analysis: No surprise to see Duke get a No. 1 seed ahead of Virginia. The Blue Devils had the better wins. … UCLA should be happy to get it. … Utah feels a little low at No. 5. They’re in a tough spot against Stephen F. Austin. … Two wins apiece and we’ll be fortunate to get the always fun Iowa-Iowa State matchup. … Georgetown feels to be too high as a No. 4 seed.

West Region

1 Wisconsin vs. 16 Coastal Carolina
8 Oregon vs. 9 Oklahoma State
5 Arkansas vs. 12 Wofford
4 North Carolina vs. 13 Harvard
6 Xavier vs. 11 BYU/Ole Miss
3 Baylor vs. 14 Georgia State
7 VCU vs. 10 Ohio State
2 Arizona vs. 15 Texas Southern

Instant analysis: Tough to imagine the committee would send Wisconsin out West without making them the No. 1 seed. … There could be a fair bit of noise made by the 11, 12, and 13 seeds. This could be the region that busts brackets. … VCU and then Arizona. Enjoy watching D’Angelo Russell while you can. … Xavier feels high at No. 6.

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