Do you have the right to farm?

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A proposed constitutional amendment will protect that right in Missouri

Amendment 1 will protect family farms of all shapes, sizes and farming methods.

Mindy Ward, Farm Progress | March 4, 2014

It is hard to fathom a Missouri without farming. However, in many states farming is under attack. Interest groups seek to outlaw certain farming practices and technologies that help farmers provide our nation with safe, abundant food.

A group of agriculture industry leaders, elected officials and agriculture advocates want to protect the right to farm and ranch in Missouri. They have banded together to hold forums across the state this month, starting today, to discuss the proposed constitutional amendment that will keep Missouri farming.

Elected officials, Missouri Farmers Care (MFC) and county cattlemen’s organizations are leading a series of informational forums regarding the Farming Rights Amendment, which will appear on the November ballot as Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 is a proposed constitutional change that makes farming and ranching a right in Missouri much like the freedom of speech and religion. Proponents of the measure say if passed, the amendment will create a legal foundation to fight legislation and ballot measures that attempt to put restrictions on farming and ranching in the state.

The forums will offer information regarding the intent of the amendment. It will discuss how it will benefit farmers, ranchers and Missouri residents. The forums will also address questions surrounding local and state power to govern and enforce environmental laws regarding clean air and water. To gain greater insight into Amendment 1, plan to attend one of the following forums:  READ MORE

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