Farm Animal Truths: Ten Misconceptions Revealed

Author: Kristy

Let’s face it. There are thousands, maybe even millions, of people who have never actually been around farm animals. There’s people who have never touched one, and in several cases, have never even seen one in person. The only contact or knowledge of farm animals have come from a television screen or a computer. It is hard to believe, right?


So sit back, feel free to smile and enjoy this list of ten misconceptions of farm animals!

1. Brown cows do not produce chocolate milk. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they do not. Chocolate syrup (or something similar) is what makes chocolate milk. That is fact.
2. Pigs do not talk to spiders, do not herd sheep and do not magically keep themselves clean. I know Babe and Charlotte’s Web tells something completely different, but that is Hollywood folks. If you have been around pigs at all, you know they simply aren’t clean animals. That is just not their nature.

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