Farm Facts About Beef

Author: Kristy

Beef is a year-round favorite, from grilling burgers in the summer, to enjoying a hearty stew in the winter. Beef is so popular that July has even been named Beef Month.  Sink your teeth into more facts about beef.

  • Texas is the top producer of beef in the U.S., followed by Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota.
  • Cattle are ruminants, which means they have four chambers in their stomach.
  • There are over 94 million head of beef cattle being produced by 1 million beef producers in the U.S. Of these operations, 97 percent are family-owned.
  • There are 50 breeds of beef cattle in the U.S. The most popular are Hereford, Angus, Brahman and Charolais.
  • The basic cuts of beef are the chuck, loin, rib and round. Names for the cuts of meat can vary from region to region.
  • One serving of beef is 3 ounces and provides more than half of your required protein for the day. It is also a source of all the necessary amino acids.
  • The U.S. provides 25 percent of the world’s beef, but only has 10 percent of the world’s cattle.
  • In 2009 the average annual per capita consumption of meat was 61.1 pounds.

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