Fast-talking auctioneers compete to be world champion- Great story of a young man!

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BUTLER, MO (KCTV) -They have a language all their own where the key is talkfast and keep the bids coming. Thursday, a group of auctioneers were competing to be a world champion.All Adam Ashby has ever wanted to do was be an auctioneer.He’s only 18 and still a senior at Nevada High School, but he’s been selling cattle for seven years.

“Been in and out of these sale barns all my life. My family runs a lot of cattle. As I got older I practiced and thought I’d like to be an auctioneer one of these days,” Ashby said.

Thursday, 31 callers took the microphone, looking for one of the 10 spots in the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship this summer. The one being held in Butler, MO, is one of three qualifiers across the country.

“When I got up there today, I sit down, I kind of got a little nervous during the first couple head. After that I calmed down and I’m used to some of them in the seats and I did my best. I’m glad to be here, it’s an honor,” Ashby said. “It is a performance. You got to realize there’s dollars being traded there, and one screw up and it could be on you. You just do your best and the adrenaline, when you sit in that seat and turn that mic on, it’s amazing.”

The young man’s been training for this event for years. Even though he only has one working lung he thinks he has the pipes to win.

“I was born with two, but only one of them functions. I’ve had a lot of health issues ever since I was born and at first I thought it was going to be tough, but after practicing and practicing and getting where I’m at now, it doesn’t really bother me that much,” he said.

Ashby looks for advice after every sale from former champs like Charly Cummings.

“I think it’s good for an auctioneer to be honest, have integrity. I think how an auctioneer presents himself behind the mic represents the cattle, the producer. The most important part, representing them correctly, putting the right protocol with the cattle at that time,” said Cummings, the 2011 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion. “When it comes to talking fast, clarity of chant, all them other things, that’s great. But a really good auctioneer is one that knows the value of the product he’s selling. That goes for selling household items, clear into livestock. It makes a big difference.”

He says winning was the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

“I entered the contest to win, but what I took out of it, the camaraderie with the guys, some of my best friends are auctioneers,” Cummings said. “My grandpa told me a long time ago that you’re never going to work a day in your life if you love what you do.”

The Livestock Marketing Association posted the list of callers who will be moving on on their Facebook page. Click here to see the list.

The annual convention and championship will be held June 18-22 in Knoxville, IA.

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