“Finality” from James Holder- Cutting Edge Cattle Company

Author: Kristy

“Finality” is a very humbling experience. No matter how ready you tell yourself you are for a situation you’re never ready. All the years, miles and animals finished in the blink of an eye. Along the way my family has made some great life long friends and Maddison has been blessed to have more parents than a child could ever possibly need! Lol. But you all had and will continue to have a place in her life that’s not for her mother or father. As for me and my big tough ass being ready for today I assure you this broke me for awhile. I don’t think the regular joes ever understand the bond between man, woman child and an animal. It can become almost unbreakable. We know what we do and why we do it but that doesn’t change the feeling of losing what becomes a family member in such a short amount of time and the despair that you entail watching your children break and you can’t hold it together for them because you put it all out there for a year too. I wouldn’t trade the last 10 years for anything with my family no matter the absolute destruction it has put my body thru. The next time one of your children tells you that they want to show an animal you just dig down in your pockets as deep as you can and don’t look back. No matter how poor you think you are in the end it will open doors for your children you could never imagine and give you a sense of gratitude for loving an animal that most people just take for granted and assume they make your meat in the grocery store. New doors are opening now and it’s time for Maddison to move on to bigger and better things in her life but we will never forget everything we have went thru the last 10 to get there or none of our 4 legged friends who made it all possible.

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