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LOT #1: 1
Lot Type: Embryo
Donor Sire: Hollywood
Donor Dam: Whiskey Girl
Sire of Embryos: I-80
Donor Name: Anita Loan
Breed: Mainetainer
Quantity: 2
COMMENTS: As we kick off our first ever frozen genetics sale we feel that we should start the sale off with a bang! Yes you are reading the mating to these embryos correctly, we are offering 2 eggs out of Anita Loan! The cow that started it all here at Willow Springs and will always hold a strong place in our hearts and in our operation alike. Anita is deceased and this will be the only opportunity to own these legendary genetics! Anita should need no huge introduction of all the banners she has hung and the spotlight of her show ring days was highlighted by being crowned the Supreme female at the American Royal in 2010! Without a doubt the coolest part of her destiny was in the donor pen. Anita averaged a little over $20,000 on her first 9 offspring that hit the ground including 2 being natural calves. She went on the next couple of years and produced two extremely well know Stud sires, Banshee and Second to None, which both are showing there presence in our industry today. RARE and LAST chance to own cornerstone genetics like these! bid to own!
LOT #2: 2
Lot Type: Embryo
Donor Sire: Monopoly
Donor Dam: Heat Seeker x Carly
Sire of Embryos: I-80
Donor Name: Katie Babe
Breed: Maintainer / Chi
Quantity: 3
COMMENTS: We want to offer nothing but the best and you will notice that Katie Babe has a few different mating’s up for grabs in this sale. The reason being is she flat out produces good ones of all types and kinds! We have had several out of this mating and it is proven that it works! Katie babe is built so impeccable in her skeleton and copes extremely well with I-80. These cattle will be sound and really good looking! The Morris family has had a heck of a run with there I-80 katiebabe daughter just this last year winning numerous jackpot shows and reserve division at Maine and chi junior nationals. This mating will paper up both high chi and maintainer. Power in the blood here don’t miss out!
LOT #8: 8
Lot Type: Embryo
Donor Sire: MAB
Donor Dam: Hired Man
Sire of Embryos: I-80
Donor Name: Milk Mouth
Breed: Chi/Mainetainer
Quantity: 3
COMMENTS: Milk Mouth is another up and coming donor here at WSCC, we feel you could travel the country and not find another MAB daughter that looks like her! She’s as long and sleek fronted as you can make one while dropping back super soft and maternal in her rib design. Yeah we know, calling most MAB daughters sexy, good uddered and maternal is a lot of the time a stretch but this one is truly built like a purebred Angus with a serious case of the big legs! We AI’d her this past year as a 3 year old and she raised a smoking good I-80 heifer calf that weaned off big and still looks killer! As you can see we decided that after 1 calf alone she has proven her donor status. If you like em huge bodied, sound with a knock em dead show ring look then you better pay close attention here!
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