From James L. Keeter

Author: Kristy

Phil,  thought you would be interested in seeing a picture and data on a Texas Tornado steer that I raised that won a carcass contest.  He broke most of the records of the contest.  He gained 5.6 lbs/day on a 140 day feed test which shattered the old record.  Had over a 22 sqaure inch rib eye which shattered the previous record.  Had .1 in back fat (which is impossible to do… his yield grade was less than a 1)  He graded Select Plus which was due to the fact that he was less than 18 months old.  The USDA people in charge said that they had never seen a carcass that good.  He was a freak in every way  Thanks, James L. Keeter
  Lautner bulls seem to do it all!


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