FROM KENDALL BREMER-Monday, November 28, 2016 – Bremer Show Cattle Females & Fellas of the Fall Sale – IA

Author: Kristy


LOT #4: 4
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Firewater X Ice Bucket
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Charolias Comp
COMMENTS: Charolais composites are all over the place, but few are this good and are not backed by the Denver Champion, shown by Chloe Griswald. This girl has so much power down her  top and out through her hip, and maintains that volume down into her lower quarter.  Show her however you wish and this one will be headed straight to the top.
LOT #5: 5
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Full Flush
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: High Chi over 6.25%
COMMENTS: Hello Nurse!!! No question a player for the big leagues sells here! We have had 5 different Monopoly females  in the pair at the North American and this one just might be the best one yet.  It’s hard to find females with this kind of look, still have rib shape, and  then be not only sound but have some of the biggest feet I’ve ever seen on a baby.  Bid with confidence here,as this one is a show stopper!
LOT #11: 11
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Strictly Business
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Maintainer
COMMENTS: Freak on a leash time. This Monopoly female has that “come hither look”! She has a long sexy neck, no chest, is bold in her rib, and stout in her hip!  Add all that up with a shaggy hair coat and you get a show heifer ready for the most competitive shows.  Her genetics have won State Fairs, Jackpots, and some tough Divisions  at the Fall Majors.
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