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Author: Kristy

Randy Hesler is like my brother if he wasn’t by my side for support Seth and I couldnt do what we do…From weeks with as little as 3 hrs of sleep a day, phone calls ready to quit because I miss out on so much and endless hours on the road and putting up with people (don’t take the wrong way) my red hair comes out and I flip my lid and Randy and Seth get the worst of me at times!!! Well we work together and have been blessed with an outstanding first sale and I begged Randy to bring this calf down in April I’m glad he held off he looks so cool and cocky he should be a highlight of any sale at any time of the year!!! Thanks Randy for believing in me and all you do for us!!! The Man The Myth The Legend!!!

Nun Better x Monopoly sales May 25th on cw sales

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