FROM Nathan “Bubba” Vogel!TEXAS TORNADO HEIFER-She’s one kind of special…over 500 you tube views on her video so far

Author: Kristy

Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 43
Sire: Texas Tornado
Dam: Armageddon
D.O.B: Spring 2015
Video: Click here for video
Comments: “Snow Devil” from day one has been exciting calving with a -30 wind chill we got lucky…Seth and I spent long hours trying to keep ears feet and tails attached this year… Not only is this set of calves worth a trip or a phone call to look or talk about the calves Its worth the trip to see a 12 year old boy so into something he loves he is sure one to make a single dad so proud!!! This mating and several others I have to give Seth the credit…About this heifer Ill just put it this way she’s a damn good one!
Seller: S&N Livestock
Contact: Nathan ‘Bubba’ Vogel or Randy Hesler
Phone: 513-256-8370 or 937-779-7835
Location: Winchester, Oh


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