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Yes I saw Champion Steer at Brookings show was sired by MAB, Along with the 3rd overall Breeding Heifer. In response to the reason the previous thread about MAB and the clones is no longer there, I’m sure it is because there were too many false statements in it. For those that read the previous thread, it is NOT true that the clones were bedding in 2 feet of stalks at the NWSS. They were turned loose in tightly packed chips in which anyone who studied them could see that their feet did not point in four different directions as was previously posted by Tipmover. The reason they were turned loose and not tied is because they have great dispositions and have the tendency to get lazy, very similar to the original MAB. And for those that question MAB sired calves wins, last year in which his first calf crop was being shown, he sired the Champion Maintainer Heifer at the Junior Nationals and Clint Jones successfully showed an MAB sired shorthorn Plus steer to numerous breed champion and top 5 titles, in which his first calf crop consisted of less than 200 offspring. In the current show season, which is only the second calf crop, many have been successfully campaigned including the champion steer at Brookings who has been named grand champion 5 out of the 7 times he has been out. Also, two steers in the top 5 at the Purdue AGR were sired by MAB, along with champion Maine steer and champion commercial heifer at the Iowa Beef Expo. This is just a small listing of the MAB sired offspring’s success at the progress shows so far. As for the comments that the clones were a “structural train wreck”, also posted by Tipmover, I would highly encourage any doubters to view the clones and the original either at Hawkeye or Nichols. With MAB nearing his 4th birthday, I couldn’t be prouder of his overall looks and structural integrity especially with a bull that possess the power and mass that he does. To summarize, for the people that enjoy bashing and making false statements, rather than critiquing someone’s bulls, as there is a big difference in the two, at least grow a pair and sign your name instead of hiding behind a user name. This would make it way easier to put a little credibility behind your comments. Whether you are pro Wade or pro Phil or pro whoever, at least they are man enough to put their bulls on display for the world to see. For the people that like to sit behind the computer screen and make it sound so easy, I would highly encourage you to get your checkbook out and get into the bull business. Respectfully yours,
Brad Otto





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And one other thing while I am clearing the air, this post is in regards to a semen distributor who promotes bulls himself, and you know who you are; if that’s the way you can convince someone to buy your product is by blasting around a picture of MAB standing with his front legs in a 2 feet hole, in my opinion is a sign of desperation. Totally classless. Brad Otto




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