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Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: U50
Sire: Proud Jake
Dam: Heatwave (Miss Piggy donor)
DOB: August
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Comments: Wow, what a way to lead off a great set of fallborn steers. Built from the ground up with style and look to burn! Great feet and legs, perfect hip, level from end to end, great fore-rib, and the kind of hair anybody can make look good! This guy is the right kind U50 has been a standout since the day he was born. To those that know the cow family from which he comes from its not really a surprise he looks the way he does. This dark red steer is ready to get it on!!!

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 43R
Sire: Solid Gold
Dam: Burg 050 donor (Payback x Char)
DOB: August
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Comments: When it comes to making cattle that feed right and continue to get better like they should the 050 donor is an ICON! Nearing 15 years of age and still making them great! All three of these steers are huge backed, super square hipped, great boned, massive footed, and smooth moving. No matter which angle you look at these three steers they are deep flanked and tight in their chest floors making them perfectly balanced. Their’s a reason Jeff has been flushing the 050 donor for over a decade? SHE SIMPLY WORKS.

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 8127
Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: Jack Frost
DOB: Late Spring Born
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Comments: 8127 is an extremely powerfully made steer from end to end and from top to bottom. Sound in his movement and as hairy as you would ever want one to be makes this steer one to reckon with this coming fall. I love the way this thing is bred, they feed like ones supposed to in order to be competitive in the end. Size and kind: KC, Louisville, maybe a heavier class at Denver?
Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 121
Sire: I-80
Dam: Eye Candy
DOB: Spring Born
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Comments: I decided to only put 2 hfrs in this sale but I think the quality is extremely high. This I-80 hfr exemplifies how his females are raising the bar in the showring. Long angular fronted, huge footed, explosive rib shape, great haired, smooth moving, and not a common little punkin!!! She was out of a first calf hfr and was very wormy when I got her in the fall. It took a little while for her to find herself, but now you better hold folks! This girl ain’t got no back’n up in her!
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