Grunewald Show Cattle Online Sale-going on today

Author: Kristy


Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 22
Sire: Mercedes Benz
Dam: Carnac
Breed: Maine
D.O.B: Aug 2014
Video: Click here for video
Comments: As geek necked and well balanced as you can make one. This calf puts all the good in the world together. As one of the greener calves on the bill, he will continue to do nothing but get better as he matures. This calf can be a killer lightweight at Ft. Worth or be a player north of the Red River at OYE.
Seller: Grunewald Show Cattle
Contact: Shawn Grunewald 580-461-6215 / Aaron Preator 806-339-1060
Location: Woodward, OK

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