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Jason Shatto-Unstoppable/bull-$40,000
Matt Popelka & Coly Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$24,500
Choate Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$23,000
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$21,500
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$20,500
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$20,000
QW Livestock & Shirley Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$19,000
QW Livestock & Shirley Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,500
Potts Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$15,000
Choate Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$14,000
Wiss,Rosa,and Campbell-Solid Gold/Steer-$13,500
Venable Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,500
Potts Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$10,212
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,000
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Unstoppable/Steer-$9,500
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$9,250
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$9,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,750
Bower-Craft-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,500
Wolff Farms-Heat Wave/Heifer-$8,000
Weis Cattle-Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$8,000
Wiss Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Choate Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Neal Head-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,250
Potts Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,050
Schenk Farms-Monopoly/Steers-$7,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Bruns, Criner,Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Potts Show Cattle- I-80/Steer-$6,750
Venable Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Heifer-$6,500
Wolff Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Tyler Thernes-I-80/Bull-$6,000
Matt Popelka & Coly Riley-Monopoly/Steer$6,000
Voegele Show Cattle- I-80/Bull-$6,000
Ryan Forman & Silver Creek Farms-Steam Roller/Steer-$5,760
Tyler Thernes-Ali/Bull-$5,750
Wiss,Rosa,and Campbell-Solid Gold/Bull-$5,750
Potts Show Cattle-Walks This Way/Steer-$5,750
Ryan Forman & Silver Creek Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,500
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Tyler Thernes-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Wolff Farms-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Wolff Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Wolff Farms-Red Rock/Heifer-$5,000

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