Iowa: Beef Cow Longevity Series Set for Early 2014

Author: Kristy

DECEMBER 24, 2013

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Source: Iowa State University Extension

Many factors affect beef herd profitability, but one specific factor, keeping young cows in the herd, is a huge challenge for cattle producers. Producers are searching for ways to keep young females in the cow herd longer for several reasons. Fifteen percent of all culled cows leave the heard before five years of age and an additional 33 percent are culled because they do not become pregnant, according the 2007-08 National Animal Health Monitoring System. Based on current production prices, a female must produce five calves for the cost of the replacement female to be recouped.

The Iowa Beef Center in partnership with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is offering the series “Heifer Development 2: Maintaining Your Investment” to specifically focus on management practices to keep young cows in the herd to improve long term profitability. This series is a follow-up to the 2012 series on yearling heifers, “Heifer Development: Rebuilding our Future.”   READ MORE

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