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Author: Kristy


Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 1
Sire: Ready 2 Rumble
Dam: Ali x 6807
Breed: Maine/ Cross
D.O.B: September
Video: Click here for video
Comments: Let’s get this party started! This is the best steer that has ever laid a hoof on our place! Chloe and I have argued where this one needs to go. I say he is a serious player for OYE or down in the southeastern US, but she says he needs to go to a little girl with a big bow (Chloe will provide the bow) to give em all they want in the light or middle weights in Cowtown… Soooo we’ll let you decide where he goes. It’s going to be a fun ride, you better hang on if you’re tagging along!
Seller: Jones Brothers Curt Larson
Contact: Ryan Jones Brett Jones Curt Larson
Phone: (580)222-1008 (580)5043937 (580)504-3111
Location: Ardmore, OK

Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 5
Sire: Ali
Dam: Heat Wave x swoosh
Breed: High Maine
D.O.B: May
Video: Click here for video
Comments: When my good buddy Trae Simmons called me about sending one down, I didn’t need to ask what he was sending because I know the type of quality he produces. Let me tell ya lot 5 is exactly what I expected. This one has a little more age and maturity compared to some of her counter parts in the sale but that’ll be a quicker return on investment. Ever notice there’s a lot of numbers in the calf classes but not many come back as breds? This one takes all the guessing out. We know she’s good and going to continue to be good! The odds are in your favor in division wherever you go!
Seller: Jones Brothers Trae Simmons
Contact: Ryan Jones Brett Jones Trae Simmons
Phone: (580)222-1008 (580) 5043937 (765)438-2312
Location: Ardmore, OK


Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 7
Sire: Mercedes Benz
Dam: 13 Donor (Hoo Doo Slasher x Madrid)
Breed: Charolais
D.O.B: September
Video: Click here for video
Comments: I will be the first to admit this wasn’t what I had in mind when Brett told me what he bred the 13 donor to. The only thing I would change about this calf is I would throw some Heat Wave in his pedigree. Good thing the judges will never know what he is out of till their asking your child what the calf’s pedigree is when their standing behind him at the backdrop! I’m absolutely crazy about this one! Perfect feet and legs, incredible look, soft middle, and wide constructed. I am proud of my little brother for this one!
Seller: Jones Brothers
Contact: Ryan Jones Brett Jones
Phone: (580)222-1008 (580) 504-3937
Location: Ardmore, OK

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