Junior heifer competitor not slowed by blindness

Author: Kristy

Posted Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014


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It seems like a typical class in the Stock Show’s Junior Heifer Show.

The young competitors are slowly leading their Santa Gertrudis heifers around the indoor arena under the watchful eye of judge Ryan Cotton, taking care to keep their heads up and their feet straight to make a good impression.

But something is different.

Is the competitor taking a red ribbon for second place in the class Sunday really wearing sunglasses?

Yes. But Josh Hass, a 16-year-old sophomore at Alba-Golden High School, isn’t just trying to be cool in his stylish shades. He wears them because he is the only competitor in the class who is blind.

“In 2011, he was a passenger on a side-by-side UTV that flipped. He suffered a severe head injury, and his optic nerves were damaged. As a result, he is totally blind,” said Josh’s mother, Paula Hass of Alba.

But if that is slowing Josh down any, it certainly doesn’t show.

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