Lautner Farms weekly semen sale is now posted!

Author: Nicole Lautner

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This week will feature 4 unique embryo lots!

Lot 1 

Lot of 3 Embryos 

Donor: Cherry Bomb’s Mother 

Service Sire: Heatwave (Original) 

Donor Sire: Cunia 

Donor Dam: PB Shorthorn 

Breed: Crossbred 

Notes: These embryos would qualify for low % chi registration. These embryos are full sibs to Phil Lautner’s Cherry Bomb (THC PHAF)

*Cherry Bomb*

Lot 2

Lot of 3 Embryos

Donor: Beckett 274

Service Sire: Walks Alone

Donor Sire: Who Made Who

Breed: Crossbred

Notes:  This cow was a popular donor from Troy Beckett of SD. 274 raised a high selling $18,000 steer in a past Beckett pasture sale. 

*Walks Alone*

Lot 3

Lot of 4 Embryos

Donor: Lautner 152

Service Sire: Monopoly (Original)

Donor Sire: Full Charge

Donor Dam: Payback 

Breed: Crossbred 

Notes:  Lautner 152 is the mother of Phil Lautner’s Leroy Brown. *Leroy Brown pictured*

Lot 4

Lot of 3 Embryos

Donor: Lautner 934

Service Sire: Dakota Gold

Donor Sire: Crimson Tide

Donor Dam: Heatwave

Breed: Crossbred

Notes:  *Donor is a PHAC* Lautner 934 was a stout, powerful cow that could make some nice steers or powerful replacement heifers. Crimson Tide females are valuable and hard to come by. Lots of opportunity here!

Dakota Gold

Crimson Tide
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