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Author: Kristy


Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 2
Sire: Bodacious
Dam: Top Hand
D.O.B: 3/28/14
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Comments: This roan steer is as good of a breed steer as you will find. Wouldn’t be afraid to run him with the crosses either… he’s the Real Deal. Buy him, feed him, fit him, show him and collect the banners.

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 3
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Thomas Outlaw
D.O.B: 3/12/14
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Comments: This smoke steer will leave you huffin and puffin! What more can be said… Other than, buy him! Or you’ll be crying when he blows by you in the grand drive.

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 5
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Shorthorn X
D.O.B: 3/17/14
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Comments: This one was named “Ruger” the day he was born. They say guns are dangerous… well, this one is loaded and ready! We just love this steer, with his cool markings and high calibur design. One word sums him up… Quality. He’s that good.

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