Letter from Jack Ogle – Kinta, Oklahoma

Author: Kristy

Lautner Farms,
Dear Friends,

It’s been a very long time, maybe 20 or 25 years. I would love to come back again. It’s not possible since I’m 86 years old. I still go to a lot of cattle sales, really to just look and see good cattle. I never go to a sale that has comparable to Lautner Farms. I was only at yours 2 times, but always enjoyed seeing your good livestock. I certainly do appreciate you sending a picture of your cattle. It isn’t nearly as cold here in Oklahoma as it was up there. You folks treated me royally and I know you haven’t changed a bit. I stay pretty busy all time, going to ball games and fishing. My health has been very good (so far). Again I wish to tahnk all of you for sending me a book of all the good cattle.

Your Friend, 
Jack Ogle     
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