Lighter Side: Cows deadlier than sharks

Author: Kristy

By Angela Bowman, associate editor, PorkNetwork



Just in time for Animal Planet’s famed “Shark Week,” the Weather Channel’s Ari Sarsalari shows that while sharks may invoke fear in millions of people across the country, sharks aren’t as deadly as some other animals.

For example, sharks killed roughly one person each year between 2001 and 2013, the same as bears and alligators. Cattle, on the other hand, were responsible for killing around 20 people – primarily farm workers.

While cattle were responsible for more deaths than sharks, other (smaller) animals proved deadlier, including:

  • Dogs (28 deaths annually)
  • Bees/hornets/wasps (60 deaths annually)

And yes, pigs made the list too – grouped in with “miscellaneous” mammals, including pigs, horses and deer, killed 52 people each year. These numbers excluded deaths attributed to vehicle collisions.

Click here or watch the video below for more.


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