Missourians approve right to farm

Author: Kristy

Missourians pass amendment guaranteeing right to engage in farming


TOPEKA, Kan. — Missourians voted in favor of a constitutional amendment yesterday that guarantees the right to engage in farming and ranching practices. The constitutional question passed by a narrow margin.

Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President Jim McCann said passage of the amendment is a huge step forward for agriculture in the state.

“Amendment 1 will help protect Missouri agriculture, which generates more than $12 billion (annually) and thousands of jobs within our state,” McCann said.

Animal rights extremist organizations, led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), actively opposed the amendment. According to McCann, HSUS and other activist groups attempted to confuse voters by stating the amendment only would benefit out-of-state entities and large corporations.

“It is good to know the people of our state did not buy into the lies being spread by HSUS,” said McCann. “We must stand against these groups and show them they will not prevail.”

— Kansas Livestock Association

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