Ending tonight- TMAC Banner Builders Sale – WY-FROM TRAVIS MCINTOSH

Author: Kristy


LOT #2: 340

Sire: Adrenaline
Dam: 2562 OCC Anchor
DOB: March 2013
Sex: Bred Cow
COMMENTS: Here is your chance to buy a smoking good Adrenaline x 2562. Vanhove will think I lost my mind putting her on the sale. Last year she had a Powerline that went to Wes Holland. This year she had a Payment Plan daughter that is a knockout! Here is a young cow that is ready to rock! She got the wooly mammoth shag! Bred 5/30 – Monopoly – Ultrasound likely safe AI.
LOT #4: 772
COMMENTS: You will like everything about this cow! She has been a great producer. My favorite was a Heatwave 2 years ago that we showed in Denver….STUD!! Last year I bred her to Lutton for a heifer (Got It!). This year we decided to try Fu Man Chu. She came back in heat, or at least were pretty sure she was in 10 days after we bred her to Fu Man Chu so I decided she must of wanted bred to Heatwave again. Bred 6/15 – Fu Man Chu – 6/26 – Heatwave – Ultrasound likely safe AI.

LOT #19: 211
Sire: Yellow Jacket
Dam: Dry Ice
DOB: March 2012
Sex: Bred Cow
COMMENTS: Known as “The Red Rocket” around here! Never been bred to anything but Angus, yet! Patience! Patience! Patience! Dry Ice was a great bull! He shows up in the pedigree of most all my favorite calves at the Herring Ranch. He was a Sugar Ray x Cunia. More or less, Full Throttle! If this one here doesn’t get you excited I give up! Huge legged big haired good lookin mother lover here! Bred 7/2 – Monopoly – Ultrasound likely safe AI.
LOT #20: 102
Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: 195 Aftershock
DOB: March 2011
Sex: Bred Cow
COMMENTS: 2 Whiskey’s are the book ends of this sale! Last year I ended the sale with a Full sister to this cow. Dudley Booth got her and he loves her! He thought she was made for making show heifers. This one is built for making steers! I would not ever be selling these Whiskey x 195’s, but I still have “195” who is 16 years old now and weaned a heifer calf this fall! I left her open and will be trying for some more Whiskey’s. She will get to live out her life here at the Ranch. She owes me nothing! Get in on this one or get left behind! She has it all! Just keep clicking!!! Bred 5/27 – Monopoly – Ultrasound likely safe AI
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