SENT IN FROM WES KELLER-GOING ON TODAY – Keller Club Calves Elite Female & Genetics Sale – IL

Author: Kristy


Lot #5: 16

Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Sexy Donor (Mojo x Purple Haze x Meyer)
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Chi
Consignor: Wes Keller (217) 962-1286 |
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Comments: This heifer’s awesome mother was nicknamed “sexy” during her ultra-successful show career where she claimed countless championships throughout the year concluding with being named champion commercial at Indiana State Fair. “Sexy” has raised lots of high sellers and champions in her career as a donor, but never one quite like this. This silver beauty is as elegant in her design as you could ever draw one. Big bold rib cage, flat shouldered, and the longest skinniest neck you’ll ever see on one. We think she has the build and striking look to be a big time success just like her mother. This heifer has always had 4 inches of silver shag hanging off of her since she was a baby, but to our surprise she tested TH Free. I think the mating possibilities for this one are as exciting as anything in the offering!!! ***TH Free***

Special Terms: Seller reserves the right to 2 flushes or 10 freezable embryos whichever is greatest.

Delivery Methods: None specified

Lot #6: 17

Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: 234 Donor (Broker x Fullback)
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Market Heifer
Consignor: Wes Keller (217) 962-1286 |
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Comments: We’re switching things up a bit with lot 7. We normally sell all of our “clubby bred” cattle in our September sale, but this one came in a little behind from the recip herd so we held her back. We think this one is a BIG TIME market heifer prospect. She is big backed, stout ended, has huge feet & legs, all while still being good necked and chested. If this one were a steer she would be worth a fortune. Iowa Market heifer buyers take note, this one can run with the boys!

Lot #16: 586 Donor

Lot Type: Embryo
Donor Sire: Friction
Donor Dam: Maine
Embryo Mating: Monopoly
Quantity: 3
Consignor: Wes Keller (217) 962-1286 | www.kellerclubca
Comments: This cow has been one of the most consistent dollar generators on the farm the past few years. She hit a home run in 2014 with the $42,000 steer pictured, but the mark of a great cow is consistency and this cow does it time and time again! In 2015 seven head sold out of her for a $6000 average, and a steer by Here I Am sold for $7000 in our september sale this year! We have extremely high expectations for these, I’d expect extreme quality, great structure, awesome hair and lots of color! And as an added bonus this donor has a perfect udder and still milks like a holstien so I’d expect the females from this mating to be eqaully valuable!
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