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Author: Kristy

The average American is three generations from the farm and have no real concept of what really happens on a cattle farm or ranch.

That’s why it’s important to help share the true story of beef — from pasture to plate. The beginning is a good place to start. Something like this:

1. The beef lifecycle begins on a cow-calf operation, where farmers and ranchers maintain a herd of mama cows for breeding.

2. Cows (mature female cattle) and bulls (intact adult male cattle) are bred to produce calves. During the 9-month gestation period, farmers and ranchers play close attention to mama cows to make sure there are no problems with the pregnancy. If any issues arise, a farmer, rancher or veterinarian can step in to ensure the health and safety of the mama and baby.

3. When a calf is born, it weighs between 60-100 pounds depending on its parent’s genetics and how well the mama cow’s body performed nutritionally during gestation. A newborn calf will spend the first few months of life drinking its mother’s milk and grazing on vast grass pastures.

Continue sharing the lifecycle story at — which addresses the remainder of the process and points out the safety and animal care that are critical throughout the process.

Nobody care more about animal care and the safety of the end beef products themselves — it’s their livelihood, and they feed the beef they grow to their own families!

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